Behind the App Note: Protein Dilution and Subsequent Concentration Provide a Well-Matched Sample/Buffer Pair for High-Resolution MMS

Hosted by RedShiftBio

Buffer matching is key to IR spectroscopic techniques. It is especially critical for highly sensitive techniques such as MMS that is able to detect smallest spectral changes.

This video app note featuring Dr. Jan Schaefer of RedShiftBio gives an example of how a dilution/re-concentration protocol can be used to generate a well-matched sample/buffer pair for MMS in cases where the sample buffer is unknown and not available as reference buffer. In particular, this app note highlights how buffer mismatches typically affect protein spectra and guides through the above-mentioned dilution/re-concentration protocol. It further demonstrates that the protein structure is unaffected by the procedure, and that this will be a useful tool to perform MMS measurements of samples without a suitable reference available.