Our mission is to educate and foster an open dialogue around the importance and utility of biophysical and bioanalytical characterization of proteins, peptides, nucleic acids, viral vectors, and next generation therapeutic vectors and biomolecules.

Why analyze structure? Structure is the ultimate description of the biomolecule. Structure completes the story when measuring size, melting temperature, aggregation, binding, and changes in intrinsic fluorescence.

Structure impacts stability, aggregation state, and aggregation potential. Changes in structure precede aggregation. Structure determines function. The FDA requires a structural assessment of all protein biologic drugs as part of the IND filing. Structure is a key quality attribute for all biologic drugs.

A Little More About Structure Matters

Structure Matters is an education campaign with the goal of highlighting the importance of using a suite of biophysical tools and the interplay of these tools in understanding and characterizing antibody, enzyme, protein, peptide, nucleic acid, and gene therapy biotherapeutics. It is the interplay of multiple biophysical attributes which describe a biomolecule, its function, and fitness to become a future biotherapeutic.

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Structure Matters is focused on enabling scientists and researchers to make sensitive and precise measurements of molecular structure in biomolecules.

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